New Upcoming Conventions/Competitions Page!

Upcoming Conventions/Competitions

You can now see upcoming convention/competition opportunities on a central web page, and register to be invoiced for any you would like to attend! Detailed information about each convention is available through links available on that page as well.

Conventions are primarily geared for highly dedicated dancers, primarily including those on team. However, passionate dancers that are in recreational classes are also welcome to attend!

Competitions are limited to team members, and are open to those who are awarded solos during the season, where they may perform their solos even if they are not performing in a group dance at that particular competition. Competition team members are REQUIRED to attend certain conventions and competitions, which is explained at the team meeting each year.

How to register for a convention/competition.

  1. View the following list of upcoming conventions for the season. We have some starting as early as September!
  2. Click on the event to read more details/register. Additional information such as scheduling, pricing, etc. are available on each event’s website. Some have been included directly in our website and others will be a link. Feel free to explore all the available information before making your decision.
  3. Ready to register? YAY! Scroll down to the bottom of the even details page to find the Register Now section. You not need to select the “number of tickets” unless you are registering more than one dancer for the event.
  4. Then select whether you would like an observer band if they are available. Some conventions allow parents in to observe their dancer in class. Others only allow if you have purchased an observer band. Pricing for those bands is available on their website. Still others do not allow observers in at all, but may hold parent workshops while the dancer is in class.
  5. Once you’ve made your selections, select “RSVP NOW.” This will take you to your shopping cart page, where you can “check out.” You do NOT NEED to click on either of the PAYPAL buttons on this page. Above those will be a “PLACE ORDER” button. That is the button you will press to submit your request.
  6. We will invoice you the appropriate amount to your parent portal, which you will then log in and pay. At that point, your dancer will be registered!

*If there is a convention you know of that is NOT on this list and you’d like to attend, just let us know!*

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