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Summer Classes!

Enroll Now! Everyone’s been asking and patiently waiting for the summer class schedule and enrollment availability. Enroll now on our website! https://www.espritdanceacademy.com or through the parent portal. Classes start June 14! …

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January Studio Newsletter

Studio News and Updates!
We hope everone had a great winter break! Time to get back to the studio and start working hard again! We’re going to be starting recital choreography soon, so it will be EXTRA IMPORTANT to make sure you’re at EVERY CLASS!
We DO have class on MONDAY, JAN 4!

**This information was in December Newsletter as well, but we’re adding it again this month as we’ve received some questions about the extra balance due showing in your parent portals. CHECK BELOW IN THE FAQS SECTION FOR ADDITIONAL TUTORIALS ON HOW TO VIEW DETAILS OF YOUR PARTICULAR FEES AND HOW TO SELECT WHICH FEES TO PAY WHEN PAYING ONLINE**

Costume Fees and Recital Fees
Costume Fees
Costume Fees, which are usually due in November of every year, were moved to January 1 this year. We’ve decided to give everyone a little more time, so costume fees will be due February 1st. The fees will be posted to your parent portal so that you can choose to pay any amount between now and February 1. Since we will have an extended time to pay, it is EXTREMELY important that everyone pays on time so that we can have time to order the costumes before picture day (which will be announced soon). Costume fees are $65 per class. Some of our advanced classes will not have recital costume fees. You will see your individual fees posted to your Parent Portal, and they will NOT be auto-drafted. You’ll need to log in and pay those manually, even if you have tuition auto-drafted.

Recital Fees
Family Recital fees of $150 per family (charged on a per-family basis, NOT a per-dancer basis) will be due on April 1 and will also be added to your Parent Portal. This mandatory fee will cover:

Four tickets(2 per show)
Yearbook(1 per family, more can be purchased as pre-order)
Digital copy of professional recital video
Recital Dates and Time Commitments
We will begin learning recital choreography, and if anyone is unable to commit to the financial or time requirements for recital will not be able to continue attending classes after December. Please let us know A.S.A.P. if you need to withdraw so that we may allow a dancer on the waitlist that CAN do the recital to take the spot. PLEASE do NOT pay any costume or recital fees if you know you won’t be able to do the recital.

Required Rehearsals
June 1-3
Dress Rehearsal June 4
Required Performances
Saturday June 5
Sunday June 6 Matinee
Additional Information and FAQS

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